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Episode 20: What the Laws of Physics Teach Us About Pure Potential, Retraining the Brain and Finding Sweet Surrender w/ Lisa Jimenez
16th February 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Zero-point energy is "the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have." While that sounds a tad bit technical, Lisa Jimenez brilliantly incorporates that principle of physics into her practice of helping clients, listeners and readers to retrain their brain.

In her words, "If you have nothing, you have everything." Why is this? Because you're not relying on the past to define you, nor your future to fulfill you. All you have is what you have NOW, and what you make of it is telling of your mindset.

Lisa isn't just full of high-minded platitudes. She has walked the walk through a devastating divorce, as well as finding success as a speaker and mentor to others (which comes with its own set of challenges).

We humans are the only element of creation that has the ability to choose one thought, or one emotion over another. With this unique ability, Lisa tells us we can change our mindset and finally find that sweet surrender to our Creator and His will for our lives.

In our discussion with Lisa Jimenez, you'll hear:

-How Lisa defines a mindset, and why we need to reset our mindset...03:30

-Embrace, not resist your duality as a part of God's creation...09:15

-From breakdown to breakthrough...11:15

-How Lisa learned how to reset her own mindset...19:00

-What gets in the way of us surrendering...24:10

-Lisa's steps to changing a money mindset...28:20

-Where does the faith come from to change our mindset...38:10

About the guest:

"I’m a mom of three fab kids, a blushing new bride to JJ, an opera singer in the shower, and I’m obsessed with mastering the ukulele for my “future” grand babies!

I love fearless living, luxury travel, stimulating conversations, and inspiring myself and others to unleash our gifts and share them with the world."

To learn more about Lisa, and some of her free offerings, visit:

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