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Following Up on Your Potential Podcast Sponsors
Episode 2214th June 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: “You have to send follow-up emails for them to feel that you are genuinely interested in partnering with them because they can help your listeners. The money is in the follow-up.”

If your goal is to monetize your podcast, one of the ways is to find sponsors aligned with your theme and values. A good partnership with brands, especially with products that the host genuinely enjoys, creates more authentic ads that the audience can recognize and support. 

So now that you’ve reached out to your target brands, the question is, what do you need to do next? 🤔

The answer is follow-up emails. 📧

You have to be assertive and consistent when it comes to reaching out or, in other words, ‘pursuing’ these brands. Most of the time, they won’t respond to your initial email due to many factors. Remember, these are in-demand brands, so you are not the only one trying to gain their attention. 

Create a short and sweet follow-up message, and connect it to your first outreach email, this will bump it up in their inbox, and the receiver will have all the details they need in one thread. You can do a maximum of three follow-up emails to give them a feeling that you are interested but are about to move on. Sometimes this can intrigue the team’s brand in finding out what you can offer. 

Consistency is the key! 🗝️

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 1:25

  • It's essential to know the brand personality of the podcasts that you're handling, or else you might reach out to the brands who are most likely to decline your offer.

Kai 1:45

  • The best and unique selling proposition in your outreach that is more attractive than anything else is human connection and common ground.

Kai 5:08

  • Our follow-up emails are simple. We don't want to complicate them or put a lot of information on our messages because we don't want to overwhelm them. 

Kai 6:11

  • If you have already exhausted all your follow-up emails with no response, it's time to move on to another sponsor. And I assure you, you will find the right sponsor for you

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