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Episode 6430th September 2021 • The Surveyor Hub Podcast • Marion Ellis
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When surveyors and trainees share their worries and fears about being a professional surveyor on social media, they typically fall into three categories. Firstly, they don't know how to use the tech or get overwhelmed by which platform is best. The second worry is not knowing what to say or post. The third thing I hear from surveyors is that they often have worries and a deep rooted fear about being judged and being criticised for being seen to be showing off. In this episode, I am addressing these worries and offering tips and resources to help you overcome them.

What Is Covered:

- Which platform is best to use for surveyors

- What to keep in mind when writing your posts

- How to know who your audience is

- How to know if your content is engaging enough

- Where to learn the writing skills for social media

- How to develop the confidence to show up on social media

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