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002 - Why we are fraud risk factors
23rd March 2021 • The Human Factor • Sonja Stirnimann
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In todays episode we talk about how our own human behaviour becomes one of the key risk factors for fraud.

Understanding why we all are potential fraud risk factors by our human behaviour let us take the necessary measurements to avoid being harmed and to protect our assets.

By learning what the key success drivers of the human factors are an important awarness level is set. For those who want to take actions - easy implementation steps can be taken.

Understand the following elements:

  • Impact of pressure on human behaviour is underestimated
  • Corporate culture shapes behaviour with the tone at the top
  • Risk-Intelligence is on "sleep-modus" in most organisations


The following three – easy applicable – steps could be implemented without asking for large investment budgets. And it will already work towards awareness and prevention.

Analyse current situation:

           What do we know about the topic

           What are we doing

           How actual are the information

           Do we have the knowledge

 What kind of goals are we setting ourselves?

           What is the minimum target to be achieved by every leader (see example and case study) within our organisation and by when

 What are the measurements to be taken?

           What do WE need to implement by when?

           Investment decision to be taken?

           Who are the sponsors (we all know how important a sponsor is!


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