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2: PCUK Summit Part 1
Episode 212th April 2019 • Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcast • Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcast
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Lesley Goodburn and Charlotte Foster are back for series 2 of Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcast in memory of Seth Goodburn. They're kicking off this series by heading to London and in particular the Pancreatic Cancer UK summit.  As always Charlotte is here to learn with you about Pancreatic Cancer and it's effects as well as finding out what is being done to help diagnose the disease as early as possible. There's an unofficial theme of hope in this episode. It's a word that was repeated to Charlotte throughout the day by people who didn't know each other and were at the summit for all sorts of reasons. In this episode you'll hear Charlotte talking with Michelle and her big sister Cheryl. Michelle has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer; Chris Macdonald, head of research at PCUK; Debbie Wells who used to work with the charity following the death of her daughter Gemma in 2010; and Margaret Datson a survivor of Pancreatic Cancer who is now a volunteer based at a hospital in Birmingham.  Thank you to everybody who spoke to Charlotte for this episode. It will come as no surprise to anybody who listened to series one that Charlotte needs another episode to finish sharing the conversations she had. Disclaimer  All views information or opinions expressed in this podcast series are solely my own and those of individuals interviewed and do no necessarily represent the view and opinions of Pancreatic Cancer UK and its employees. Pancreatic Cancer UK is not responsible and does not verify the accuracy of any of the information contained in the podcast series. The primary purpose of this podcast series to inform, but it does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. 





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