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326 | "6 Startups & Counting" with Eric Daimler of Conexus
Episode 32629th January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. 🗹 Embrace flexibility and adaptability in business to navigate unforeseen challenges and market changes effectively.
  2. 🗹 Recognize the significance of forming a strong, cohesive team; success often hinges on collaborative efforts and harmonious relationships.
  3. 🗹 Understand the importance of timing in business ventures; acting swiftly on opportunities can lead to significant advantages.

Eric Daimler, CEO of Conexus, delves into the complexities and challenges of pioneering in the field of predictable generative AI. He shares his journey through various ventures, highlighting the critical importance of a strong team, adaptability, and a bit of luck in the success of a business. Eric's experiences range from starting a financial services firm just before a major financial crisis to navigating through the unpredictable terrain of tech startups. He emphasizes the need for careful planning, setting clear assumptions, and revisiting them to gauge progress.

His current venture, Conexus, stands at the forefront of AI innovation, offering groundbreaking data integration solutions. This technology is pivotal in transforming operations in large enterprises and governments by managing complex infrastructures like airplane design, energy distribution, and global shipping. However, Eric candidly discusses the challenges they face, particularly in convincing customers to recognize the need for their advanced AI solutions in a market accustomed to traditional consultancy models.


00:00 Intro

00:19 The Importance of Teamwork, Hard Work, and Luck

01:39 Eric's Approach to Starting a New Business

02:44 The Assumptions Behind Eric's AI Company

03:36 The Role of Conexus in Large Enterprises

04:31 Eric's Experiences with Business Exits and Failures

06:20 Advice for New Entrepreneurs

08:39 Current Challenges in Eric's Venture

10:34 How to Connect with Eric and Conexus

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