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Episode 212: Alex Sarama, Practical Applications of Evidenced Based Coaching Ideas
Episode 21220th April 2022 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Guest: Alex Sarama, Basketball Immersion 


Basketball Immersion's Alex Sarama joins the Basketball Podcast to share practical applications of evidence based coaching ideas around constraints, affordances, movement solutions, and an ecological approach.

Alex shares team and player development ideas for basketball coaches, teams, federations, and organizations all around the world. Alex’s focus is on helping coaches stimulate their thinking by combining their personal & practical experiences with evidence-based coaching ideas. He continues to inspire us all with his practical applications of evidenced-based coaching ideas and particularly of late his Twitter threads where he connects so many dots for us coaches asking is there a better way?



1:00 - Developing The Ability To Shoot

7:00 - Constraint Led Approach

10:30 - Understanding Constraints

14:00 - Key Ideas on Constraint Led Approach

18:00 - Representative Learning

20:00 - Adding a Defender

27:00 - Problem with Fundamentals

30:00 - Ineffective Example Shooting

32:00 - Two-Hand Shot

37:30 - Player Development

44:00 - Differential Learning

46:00 - Creating Solution

50:30 - Game Model

54:00 - Take Advantage

56:00 - Connecting Video Game Into Practice

59:00 - Warm-Up and Adaptability

1:05:00 - Critical Analysis

1:07:00 - Importance of Positivity

1:11:00 - Conclusion


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