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Ep 138: How to Never Stop Making Progress - the Seasons of Lifting and Why Phasing Your Workouts is so Important
Episode 13825th September 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Would you like to never stop making progress in your training?

Someone sent me an email recently letting me know they were making great progress for about a month and a half  but unfortunately hit a wall and stopped seeing results. There can be a lot of different variables contributing to this, but one of the primary reasons we see that happen is because people don’t sequence their training appropriately (or, in some cases, at all).

And on the podcast today we’re going to break down what we actually mean when we say, “sequence your training.” 

We unpack how you should sequence your training so you never stop making progress and seeing results and help you understand where the concept of the seasons of lifting come into play (hint: this will help make sequencing your training a breeze).

Tune in below to discover why sequencing your training is so important and how you can implement it to ensure you’re continuing to make progress and see results 💪

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [03:00] What does it mean to sequence your training and why is it important?
  • [06:30] Understanding the law of diminishing returns and its role in your results
  • [12:10] What does sequencing your training actually look like in the real world?
  • [13:30] Seasons of lifting and how the different training cycles should flow
  • [17:55] What happens when you switch your training focus
  • [21:12] Why periodization becomes more important the more advanced you are in your training
  • [22:20] What is meant by residuals when talking about periodization
  • [25:50] The amount of work required to maintain a quality versus the amount of work required to develop a quality
  • [28:45] How to maintain work capacity 
  • [34:00] A list of things you should never do in your training

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