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How to Take Responsibility and Thrive with John Towey
Episode 11422nd November 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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 Every guy’s story is UNIQUE, and this week’s story is no different. After 17 years with his wife, John Towey was served DIVORCE papers. He had been facing difficulty in the marriage and communication issues, and when she filed for DIVORCE, he didn’t know where to turn. He could have easily gone down the path of self-pity and stayed there. He could have gotten BITTER and BLAMED her, but he DIDN’T. He took CONTROL of his life and joined Thrive. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s REALLY like inside the VIP Thrive Program, and want to know for sure if it could help YOU, you do NOT want to miss this episode, as John Towey is sharing all.

John is not defined by his marital status, he is defined by HIMSELF. As a former client of the Thrive Program, he is here to show you why YOU can face whatever situation you’re in right now, as long as you keep taking steps FORWARD. Tune in this week to hear John’s story, what happened in his marriage, and why he decided to join Thrive. He shares his BIGGEST takeaways from the program, how it helped him deal with the LOSS of his marriage, and what he thinks his life would have been like if he DIDN’T join Thrive.

In This Episode:

- Discover how the Thrive Program impacted John’s life

- Find out why John has a level of FREEDOM now that is DIFFERENT to what he’s ever known

- A lot of men don’t understand the importance of ownership. Here’s why it was KEY for John…

- John knows that he DESERVES more, here’s how he learned it…

- Find out what John is most looking forward to moving forward

- THIS was the biggest fear John had about divorce…

- John discovered a whole NEW part of himself. Here’s what that looks like…

And much more…