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Swimming in the Fast Lane with Regan Smith, 2020 Olympic Medalist
Episode 213th February 2024 • Journey Together • Carrie Tollefson
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Wondering what it takes to become an Olympic swimmer? Regan Smith shares her incredible story of gliding to multi-medal success and what took to get there. From competing during the pandemic to her goals for 2024, she’s telling it all. 

It all started with water safety classes when Regan was just a baby. She grew up with a love of swimming, and though she tried other sports, her heart was already spoken for. Along with her sister, they became a youth swimming family. 

Not long after Regan started swimming competitively, she knew this was it. What has made her journey even sweeter has been the ongoing motivation, love, and support she’s had from her family. Her sister has always been extremely supportive and she would not have been able to do any of it without the dedication of her parents.  

Together they would go over swimming techniques, watch tape, and actively discuss how to get faster and better. 

Listen as Regan shares her insights on competing, friendship, family, and what it takes to build unshakeable mental resilience. Then hear from Paul Smith as he shares his advice for youth sports parents and what not to do as their children grow into elite athletes.

In this episode:

[00:25] Welcome to the show Regan Smith, a member of the 2020 Olympic team. 

[01:44] Regan shares her perspective on her meet in Japan and how she’s feeling leading up to the 2024 Olympics. 

[03:01] Hear about her 2020 Olympic experience during the pandemic. 

[05:38] When did she realize swimming was going to be her sport? 

[07:32] How does she manage the ups and downs as an elite athlete? 

[10:11] What did it take for her to truly understand the importance of listening to her body? 

[13:04] Were her parents a vital part of her journey and career in swimming? 

[14:12] Regan shares her advice for aspiring youth athletes and youth sport parents. 

[16:03] Paul Smith, Regan’s dad, joins Carrie to chat about when they realized Regan had something special. 

[17:24] Was he nervous to let her do her thing and support her as she moved deeper into the sport? 

[18:56] How has he navigated raising two completely different youth sport daughters? 

[21:59] Paul shares his advice for up and coming youth sport families as things get tough with their elite athletes.

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