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KonMari Deep Dive: Kitchen & Thanksgiving Special
Episode 1424th November 2020 • ALSO in PINK with Alexandria Lawrence • Alexandria Lawrence
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Welcome to the first deep-dive episode. This is an opportunity to go all-in on a particular topic. I’ll highlight a specific aspect of the KonMari Method or something to do with style.

Today, we’re focusing on the kitchen. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away and Christmas not so far behind, we are officially entering holiday season. ✨

Benefits of a KonMari’d Kitchen

  • You know where everything is.
  • You make the most of the space you have.
  • Your surfaces are (comparatively) clear.
  • You have food & ingredients you enjoy eating & cooking with.
  • You no longer waste food.
  • And yes… your kitchen brings you joy.

Common Kitchen Struggles

  1. The spice drawer. Can you find the smoked paprika in less than 10 seconds? Sure, you might have a “spice drawer” but your spices are frankly out of control.
  2. Food waste. You don’t mean to waste food but that’s what happens. Food gets lost. Sometimes you can’t find ingredients (or leftovers) until they’ve gone off and are inedible.
  3. Unused gadgets. Do you have a surplus of kitchen tools you don’t want or need?
  4. Don’t know what ingredients you already have. You buy an ingredient and then discover you have another pack of it stuffed at the back of some cupboard.
  5. The junk drawer. You have a junk drawer full of all sorts of random stuff.
  6. Cluttered surfaces. Your kitchen surfaces are rarely clear. There doesn’t seem to be enough storage space for all your kitchen items.
  7. General chaos. You stuff things in drawers higgledy-piggledy because you don’t have proper homes for these items.
  8. No place for backstock. If you decant flour and other things into containers, you struggle to know what to do with that leftover flour and those leftover other things that don’t fit in your containers.

🎧 Listen to to full episode for tips on how to prepare your kitchen for the holidays.

Thanksgiving is for Everyone

That’s right… You don’t need to be American. Thanksgiving is a holiday for everyone. All you need to do is enjoy food and good company. You don’t even need to have turkey… In fact, I’d say, unless you’re very confident you won’t end up with a giant, dry, rather unappealing beast of a bird, I’d go so far as to say… please don’t have turkey. 😳

Otherwise, there are no rules. Or maybe there’s just one rule: pumpkin pie is a must. 🥧✨

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