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The RE of Marketing - Steven Rick & Tim Elliott EPISODE 5, BONUS EPISODE, 16th October 2020
RE/BITE: 05 With Jonny Prest
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RE/BITE: 05 With Jonny Prest

In this first of two conversations with Jonny Prest we discuss the value of a website as the shop window to your business.

I know it sounds a bit basic but websites done well are HIG high income generating websites which are Jonnys & SEED's speciality

We discussed the following points:

  • Digital business for traditional businesses
  • Form, Function, Science & Emotion of websites
  • Everyone needs to think like a tech company

You can reach out to and find Jonny on the following links

RE/Bites are short chewy mini-sodes of The RE of Marketing podcast where we rethink, redefine and remark on all that good stuff that comes with the label of marketing