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[EP 56] How to be in control
Episode 5614th September 2022 • Leadership Behind the Scenes • Noomi Natan
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Do you like to feel like you’re in control?

What do you fear might happen if you’re not in control?

Are you holding life tightly – and shutting yourself off from surprises and new possibilities, ideas, innovations?

Our world is fast.

As we’ve learned over the past couple of years, anything could happen at any moment.

We can’t control what’s on the outside of us.

But we can learn to feel in control in our INNER world, and then we can handle the pace of life better. 

It’s time to slow down, ground yourself, and be in your inner calm. I this episode I share several different ideas to help you feel more in control – by letting go.

“Let me ask you, do you like to feel like you're in control? Our world is fast. I don't see it slowing down at all, it is moving faster and faster. Let's be clear, you're never in control. We're not in control. Something big or small might happen any moment. But we do like to feel or believe or think that we are in control. So how can you be in control? There's no chance of ever controlling what's on the outside. But what does make a difference is slowing down. When we are grounded and more calm, that's when we can handle the fast pace. And that's when not only does it feel better to you, you'll also have a much bigger, better impact.”

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And remember, now is a good time to breathe.