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Defeating Evil
Episode 1425th August 2022 • Pamalogy Society • James Carvin
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The Pamalogy Society is a nonprofit philosophical organization dedicated to the maximization of awesomeness both in word and deed. Our mission is not just to teach, but to fund and offer volunteer support to worthy high impact concept stage projects synergistically and strategically for maximum positive impact, beginning with the CounterChecker.

This episode summarizes the thirteen episodes leading up to it in preparation for the discussion of Maximized Awesomeness versus Maximized Awfulness as computational patterns that exist in the subsets of information inherent in pure possibility. Whereas, Maximized Awesomeness exists if any form of evil is entirely illusory, Maximized Awfulness would require the existence of every form of good to be a reality, rather than an illusion, in order to truly destroy it. If it can't truly destroy what is good, then a concept of evil that is greater than what it allows by definition exists. The amount of good that Maximized Awfulness could allow would thus be limited to transient forms of good that lack the invincibility of higher possibilities in the subset of awesomeness that exist in the computational patterns of possibility. Therefore, Maximized Awfulness is defeated by Maximized Awesomeness, rendering it illusory at best, while Maximized Awfulness is incapable of annihilating Maximized Awesomeness even if it is real. Moreover, Max Awful must allow every manner of defeatable good to exist and also has no control over the realization of every manner of undefeatable good, since that also exists as a subset of possibility. The result is that in the selection of what would potentially be realized in the Universes caused by the computations of Maximized Evil, every manner of both defeatable and undefeatable good would come to exist. Never mind that there is no compelling reason for Maximized Awfulness to engage in its computations since evil serves no good purpose. The possibility of Maximized Awesomeness, containing compelling reasons, also has algorithms to defeat it in a computational quarantine, if not by utter annihilation, restraining it so that it only serves the fullness of good possibility.

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