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Data Science Conversations - Damien Deighan and Philipp Diesinger EPISODE 9, 20th July 2021
How XPRIZE is enabling AI for social good
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How XPRIZE is enabling AI for social good

In this episode we are joined by the Director of AI and Data Operations at XPRIZE whose career path into the world of AI is fascinating.  Neama Dadkhahnikoo shares his journey from his early days at Boeing back in 2005, through start up ventures, Techspert and Caregivers Direct, and re-training right through to the present day at XPRIZE.

He reveals how anyone has the potential to make a real difference in using AI to help solve real world problems.

  • The history of challenge prize competitions and how the British Monarchy were involved
  • Challenge prize is philanthropy with capitalism thrown in
  • How a clockmaker determined longitude to win the first ever prize
  • How industries are born out of successful challenge prize competitions
  • The impact of XPRIZE on the commercial Space industry
  • The ethos of XPRIZE- a global positive future movement
  • How the challenges are chosen 
  • The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, a $5 million challenge for teams to use AI for good
  • How to monitor the after prize impact
  • Three AI XPRIZE finalists - Aifred Health, Marinus Analytics and ZzappMalaria
  • How was AI defined for the challenge?
  • How to use and get involved with AI for good