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Hope City Church // Mangalore - Joshua Paul 27th June 2021
Go with the Strength You have
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Go with the Strength You have

The Life of Gideon is the one that was marked with Weakness, doubts, and questions. But God calls Gideon to deliver Israel out of the Midianites. Gideon does that and as a result, Israel experienced a period of peace for 40 years.

As we look at the Life of Gideon, there are two significant truths, i.e., God's call will come to us in our toughest season when we are battling with doubts and questions and also the truth that no matter how challenging our life might be, we will for sure experience victory because God has destined us for victory.

In this Sermon, Pastor Joshua shares two valuable lessons from the life of Gideon.

Listen, Share, and be blessed.