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Rick Wilson: Upgrading Your Brand's Marketing Strategy For Long Term Wins
Episode 24920th January 2022 • Authentic Brand Mastery Podcast • Change Creator
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How can you 2x, 3x, or even 5x your marketing success? How can you run ads in e-commerce and not lose your shirt? We spoke with the author and 20-year business veteran who is the CEO of Miva, Rick Wilson, to get insights on some core ideas that will upgrade your brand's marketing strategy for long-term success.

More about Rick Wilson:

Rick Wilson, CEO of Miva (an ecommerce software and solution for enterprise merchants) has seen first-hand the evolution of the economy, starting in the late ‘90s when businesses went digital, the “mobile revolution” when Amazon became a dragon, and now today’s influencer-driven economy. He is invested in the future of ecommerce and tackles industry topics and trends in his podcast and book to adapt to changing demands.

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