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James Hartley - Delivering Differently
Episode 4112th October 2021 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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A Legal Team Took on the Might of the Post Office

This Impact series podcast episode features Elevate's Vice President of Get Shit Done, Stephen Allen, talking with James Hartley, the National Head of Litigation and Disputes Advisory at Freeths.  Stephen and James review HUGE complex litigation that resulted in success for the Freeths team - on behalf of a significant group of claimants.  Elevate gets a mention for the AI, data analysis, and document management assistance we provided to accelerate the review of the vast amount of case evidence.

[00:00] Let's jump in.  Stephen introduces James and the case at the centre of this podcast. 

[01:30] Landing the case.  Perhaps 'the case' of the century.

[03:04] A significant investment of time - and the benefit of technology.

[05:02] AI in the context of data analysis and document management, which was essential. 

[08:34] Freeths began to re-think how it does litigation.

[12:00] Creating a more sophisticated approach to analyze litigation risk.

[15:34] Clients don't want to pay for the process. They pay for expertise.