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DL Mentor Uncut: Client Success Interview w/ Dale Mohney and Hannah Borchardt
Episode 5214th February 2024 • The Diamond Life Mentor • Balazs W Kardos
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Have you ever been 100% committed to something after facing multiple challenges?

It is what starting a business looks like. Going all in means more than just testing the waters because you are diving in with everything you've got. You have to take risks.

It may involve launching something new, entering a new market, testing new strategies, or joining a mentorship program to get feedback, scale, and reach your goals. 

In another Diamond Life Uncut Success Story Interview, Balazs W Kardos shares Dale Mohney and Hannah Borchardt's story of living the Diamond Life after moving to Tampa, Florida, to live together, travel more, and grow their business full-time without the 9 to 5.

After being in a long-distance relationship, joining online businesses, getting scammed for over $2,500, and having separate jobs, investing in the Diamond Life Mentorship Program changed how they handle business and personal life. 

Within 12 weeks of being in the mentorship, they consistently earned five-figure months like no other job or income source. It began with a mindset shift to step out of their comfort zone. They aimed to earn sales, acquire leads, and qualify them to ensure they align and get value. They continued asking for feedback and identifying areas of improvement to change their strategy for the better.

This year, Dale and Hannah target to rank 6A by June, reach 50 product sales, and help 40 people earn $3k-5k monthly with $30-50k in commissions. 

"It's like preparing their mindset to see it. They need to see it to receive the information the way it is. Because if you look at something with the wrong mindset, you see the almost like the opposite." - Balazs W Kardos

Catch this episode to explore new horizons, take calculated risks, and know the importance of joining a mentorship program to scale your business.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why do you need to qualify your leads before making a sale?
  • How do you calculate risks in the business by being open to challenges?
  • Why is joining a mentorship program crucial to realigning goals?
  • How do you track your business numbers to identify areas of improvement?
  • What is the importance of pre-framing and gaining clarity in business?

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