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The One Where We Discuss About Rankings Not Being All That
Episode 18th February 2021 • The SEO SAS Podcast • Sarah McDowell & Hannah Bryce
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We are back for season 2 folks and hope you didn't miss us too much... ;)

Excuse the 'clickbaity' title but we wanted to come back with an interesting topic to debate to really kick things off and that's why we decided to chat about why keyword rankings aren't all that.

Listen to this episode to hear both sides of the argument, first, we discuss what's flawed with tracking rankings and what other metrics should be measured and tracked.

However, we also explain why tracking rankings is important and helpful too. So yes, both sides are covered and you will hear both Hannah and Sarah's opinion on the matter.

Regular listeners will know that an SEO SAS episode isn't complete without a feature and this week Sarah is the quiz master. Will you do better than Hannah? Only one way to find out!