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How Karen Boyce secured 30 pieces of publicity for her dog training business
Episode 4814th January 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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I'm so excited to share this episode with dog trainer Karen Boyce from Beastly Thoughts who has done incredible things when it comes to raisnig her profile.

In the past 18 months alone, Karen, Wales, has been featured more than 30 times in the press, including many times through lockdown.

This has meant she’s become the go-to person for new dog owners and has even been called the ‘Puppy Queen’ of Wales.

It’s been amazing for her business and in the episode she shares how petpreneurs can follow in her footsteps.

Key points and timings in this episode:

2.26 - Karen's background and how she became a dog trainer.

3.50 - Her experience with her own reactive dog 30 years ago and how that shaped her career.

6.09 - How sharing her personal story helped her to connect and be relatable to other dog owners.

8.03 - Karen's first pitch to the media about her Crufts win in 2019 and the impact that had on her profile.

10.36 - Karen shares what happened when she pitched, and how the pieces of coverage came about.

12.45 - Securing a monthly collumn in a local lifestyle magazine.

14.09 - Being described as The Puppy Queen of Wales after training a record number of pups in 2019.

18.46 - Winning awards, having publicity and the impression that creates for future clients.

22.35 - Karen's advice on building relationships with journalists and nurturing them to ensure a steady stream of publicity.

25.00 - What Karen has learned from being in the Publicity for Pet Businesses membership.

28.51 - Karen's advice on pitching and how business owners should be brave and not be scared to big themselves up!

30.10 - The importance of photos with your pitches.

32.10 - How Karen coped with lockdown.

35.44 - The changes Karen has seen in the cases of dogs she's been training since lockdown and how she's adapted her programmes.

39.05 - What's next for Karen and Beastly Thoughts, her Reactive to Reassured programme and puppy training.

40.00 - Where to find out more about Beastly Thoughts.

Links mentioned in this episode:

You can find out more about Karen on her website

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Trader of the week feature: Karen knows all there is to know about dogs

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