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How Accountants Can Tell the Real Stories Behind the Numbers
Episode 275th December 2018 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Richard is an award-winning expert in communication and author of the new book ‘You Were Born To Speak’. Recently his team helped one client win over £1.2 billion in new business by improving the way they communicate, winning 100% of the work they bid for.

Richard is a guest speaker at London Business School, teaching advanced communication skills to the MBA students. He is regularly featured on BBC Radio, discussing the communication styles of leaders. He has also been featured on BBC Breakfast TV, the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and Forbes Magazine..

He has given specialist communication coaching to 50,000 people, across 45 countries, over the last 20 years. Richard’s clients include leaders across many industries, including companies such as Virgin, Expedia, EE, AXA, Capgemini and 3M. He is the proud father of two wonderful boys and enjoys spending time with family and friends when he isn’t travelling overseas.

Richard founded Body Talk Training in 2000 and began by working with a well-known Formula 1 Team for five years, hosting over 1000 presentations and VIP meetings for clients from around the world. He was also chosen by 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers to promote two TV shows based on body language, in media interviews across the UK.

In 2014, Richard won the Cicero Grand Prize Award for Best International Speechwriter, beating professional speechwriters from around the world, chosen by an expert judging panel based in Washington DC. He is also the author of the book, ‘The It Factor’. He is also immensely proud of the team. He finds their passion, expertise and talent for coaching clients to achieve success incredibly inspiring.


  • The importance of telling the story behind the numbers
  • How technical people like accountants can be more passionate about what they do
  • Why accountants learn better from structure, scripts and frameworks than concepts and ideas
  • Impact and presence are highly coachable for every single human being
  • The reason we are the dominate species on the planet is our ability to communicate and collaborate
  • Raising your game involves stripping away your ‘armour’ – bad habits that hold you back
  • Debunking the famous Albert Mehrabian study which concluded that communication was only 7% words
  • Ideas don’t speak for themselves – communication is the vehicle that makes them come alive
  • Competence often breeds confidence, and both are vital for success
  • Proof that men are more confident than women – men apply for roles if they have 40% of what’s needed. For women, this is almost 100%
  • The ‘monkey mind’ and how it affects your communication power
  • The ability to make change happen is the mark of a leader
  • Big data is good but what are you doing with it?
  • Stories are the currency for impact and effective presenting
  • All human beings are motivated by pain and pleasure
  • Selling the future is the best framework for stories
  • Richard’s most influential read: People Watching by Desmond Morris.

Richard Newman is the author of You Were Born to Speak, a book about advanced communication skills for leaders in business.

To contact Richard: +44 (0)8451 30 70 99 or on Twitter ukbodytalk 

Body Talk Website or



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