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Day 16: Patience and Balance Online: Jo of Life in Breaths
Episode 4616th November 2020 • Geopats NaPodPoMo • Stephanie Fuccio
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Our first guest on Geopats Online (then called Virtual Expats) in September 2018 was Joanna Czutkowna, Founder of Life in Breaths & I went shopping today. When we first met back then she was very passionate about sustainability within the fashion industry and also about redefining how we view age, beauty and the ability in how we design. Even though we have both moved from China to other places, it's been a joy to watch her projects grow and inspire people online. In today's episode you get to hear from Jo again but recently. She took the time to relisten to our 2 hour and 4 minute episode from 2018 and reflect back on it. What transpires is, yet again, more wisdom and calm that we can all use right 

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