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James' Father Jon Newcomb Stopped In to Discuss How to Build and Maintain a Strong and Healthy Marriage.
30th October 2022 • Ba Vojdaan! • James and Sana Newcomb
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Welcome to the show James' father, Jon Newcomb!

Jon is a "relationship coach" who has a background in clinical family counseling, and has recently pivoted into a new realm of offering his services to those in need of a fresh take on their own marriage and intimate relationships.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-The funny story of how James' birth was instigated with a mountain bike...04:00

-Jon's personal history and leading to becoming a "relationship coach"...06:10

-How a marriage counselor planted the seed of helping others' relationships...08:12

-The #1 inhibitor to maintaining a happy marriage...13:34

-Communication problems are a mere indicator of a big problem; it's not the problem...15:20

-What is the #1 consideration for both parties to bring happiness into a marriage?...17:00

-"There's only half of me here" says James while Sana was over in Vietnam...21:00

-How has the marriage coaching scene changed over the last 17 years?...23:30

-The importance of marriage in maintaining a strong and free society...27:17

Resources mentioned:

What do you CRAVE? Sana and James have put a lot of thought into this, and the core values we wish to share with the world, be it in business, family, or otherwise. We boiled it down to these 5 elements we all CRAVE:

  1. Community
  2. Respect
  3. Adventure
  4. Vojdaan
  5. Energy

In this audio series, James and Sana share their thoughts on each of the 5 core values, and what they mean to you as a listener, a friend, or perhaps someone with whom we do business.

Click this link to listen to the audio series.