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Activating Higher Realms of Consciousness with Akira Simona Musilkova
Episode 9620th June 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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Stacy and Brenda talk with Akira Simona Musilkova about ascension and how we can continue to upgrade our DNA. We discuss her work as a channel and how she connects with the Arcturians and other star beings. We discuss St. Germain teachings, dedication of being in service, ascension, holding love vibration, guidance for next steps and life, healing energy light body, clearing chakras. How can we truly heal the world through unconditional love, loving even our enemy and evil, having no judgment, and keeping an open heart. She provides simple exercises, as well as a meditation of the I AM presence.

Akira Simona Musilkova was raised in the Czech Republic and traveled to many indigenous cultures to connect with divine wisdom. She shares her experiences as a healer, meditation teacher, channeler and dancer. Her transformative work is known in San Francisco, California, in Bali, Boulder, Colorado and Tulum, Mexico. She helps clients realize their dreams and heal their emotional and spiritual issues. Akira is called upon to activate her clients higher realms of consciousness. Akira has led healing workshops, classes and sacred ceremonies. Her experience is vast as she’s able to run her business, lead groups,  channel, teach and guide people into the spirit realms

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