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Monumental issues
14th November 2017 • Knox Pods • Knox County Public Library
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Why do some monuments provoke such powerful emotions while others are forgettable? "Monumental Issues: Thinking about Monuments in Public Spaces" is a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey H. Jackson with additional material by Dr. Ellen K. Daugherty. It provides a broader context for debates about historical monuments and the role these markers play in local communities today. Looking at monuments as both public history and public art helps us understand how we make sense of our past and what role we want our past to play in our common future.

Jackson is the J.J. McComb Professor of History at Rhodes College in Memphis; Daugherty is Professor of Art History at Memphis College of Art. The program was sponsored by Humanities Tennessee.

Here are links to some of the works mentioned in the recording. (If you listen in the browser, right-click and open in a new tab as these monuments are mentioned, so that you can keep listening.)