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Building Relationships That Last
27th May 2024 • Lead With Relationship Podcast • BeFun BeKind Podcasts
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Today, we’re talking to Dr. Calvin Tibbs, pastor of Kingdom Dominion Church and CEO of Daylight Ministries. We will be discussing the topic of ‘How To Building Relationships That Last’. We will talk about how to bridge generational relationship gaps within communities, and how different generations can help each other in their relationship development. In addition, this episode focuses on discovering your life’s purpose and how building strong relationships is a crucial part of that. Dr. Calvin is an expert on understanding how to get different generations to work together in building impactful relationships.

The conversation highlights the particular skillsets of millennials to impact previous generations in the areas of technology. We further discuss how previous generations should be walking along side young adults to assist with life decisions they have already made.

Join us as we talk about the keys to relationship building, as well as, how to fulfill our life’s purpose together as a generationally diverse society.

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