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Creating an Internal Talent Marketplace: Insights from Deep Mahajan at Juniper Networks
Episode 4245th September 2023 • Talent Development Think Tank podcast • Andy Storch
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In today's episode, we dive into the world of building an internal talent marketplace with our special guest, Deep Mahajan, VP of Talent Management at Juniper Networks. Deep shares her insights on the challenges and successes of implementing an internal talent marketplace, the importance of embracing change in the workplace, and the power of skills as the new currency for career development.

You'll learn:

  • How Juniper Networks defines an internal talent marketplace and the key benefits they have seen from implementing this system
  • The importance of a mindset shift among employers and HR professionals in embracing the concept of an internal talent marketplace.
  • Ways in which the pandemic has changed employees' expectations and needs when it comes to career development and talent mobility and how organizations can adapt.
  • How organizations can foster a culture of skill development and empower employees to direct their own development using skills-based orientation

Deep Mahajan, Juniper Networks' Vice President of Talent Management, is an accomplished leader dedicated to organizational success through talent capability and culture building. Her extensive background spans diverse industries, holding key roles that showcase her adeptness in navigating complexities across organizations of different sizes and stages, steering teams towards excellence.

With an MBA from Symbiosis International University and a BA in Economics from Delhi University, Deep's strategic prowess is bolstered by hands-on experience in leading transformative initiatives that impact the culture and people capabilities in an organization. With over 20+ years of HR expertise, her previous roles include heading People Development and Culture at Nutanix and contributing to VMware's global people development team. Deep's palpable passion for nurturing growth and learning shines within the dynamic tech landscape.

Deep's visionary leadership permeates Juniper Networks, fostering a culture of perpetual development. Her continued guidance shapes the company's path, propelling both individuals and the organization towards continuous development and enduring success.

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