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Power: The Rise of Resilient Energy Prosumers
Episode 147th April 2022 • Industries in Motion • RBC Capital Markets
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The Russia/Ukraine war has highlighted the world’s dependence on oil and gas, and how interconnected global energy markets are. This has amplified the focus of countries and companies on the energy transition, electrification, and setting net zero targets, and has increased the attention of consumers on energy security, reliability and independence, while at the same time endeavoring to reduce carbon footprints. Against this backdrop, the term “prosumer” is becoming more relevant and mainstream. A prosumer is a consumer of energy who is also a producer of energy, to self-supply power or to sell it into the grid. Large industrial companies (e.g., mining operations) often build their own power plants, producing and consuming power. With advances in technology and cost reductions in renewable energy, some power generation is now taking place at a much smaller scale, including by individuals (e.g., using rooftop solar), and we expect an acceleration in the rise of resilient energy prosumers over the years to come.




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