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What We Try To Do To Fix Our Problems That Never Works
27th October 2022 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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If you’re overweight and you’ve struggled to be successful with your body, then I would say there’s a really good chance you’re doing this. 

We keep trying to fix our problems in a way that will never work. Even if it seems to work, it will only be short term relief, because it doesn’t address the true issue. I see this all the time - with people in my coaching group, my friends, and myself! 

Sadly, we keep doing it. We keep going back to it. And we keep failing and we can’t figure out why. 

Check out today’s episode to learn . . .

>> The broken approach that we all try again and again

>> What you will NEVER see on a weight loss advertisement

>> What you probably want just as much (or more) than weight loss

>> How true transformation happens


I want to help you break free from the things that have been holding you back. It’s time to discover your unique “weight loss personality.” This will keep you from falling into the same patterns and ruts over and over again. This one night could totally change the course of your weight loss experience.



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