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Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner - Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner EPISODE 17, 24th December 2020
How Adversity and Resilience Led to the Badass Grandma
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How Adversity and Resilience Led to the Badass Grandma


Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. But when business circumstances, or life, dumps a truck load of lemons on you, it can be really hard to pick yourself up and move forward. That’s why I’m super excited about today’s guest, CJ Scarlet. She has overcome the trauma of physical assault and turned it into her super power as a serial entrepreneur. Now THAT’s resilience. It’s an amazing story of discipline, grit, and determination.

What You’ll Discover About Resilience (highlights & transcript):

  • The most important personal habit that supports resilience. [2:58]
  • CJ’s worst moment as an entrepreneur: when she needed resilience the most [5:24]
  • How being self-aware and learning from the past enables resilience. [7:09]
  • How the right community supports and nurtures resilience. [7:53]
  • How having a trusted sounding board, a mentor, a coach, promotes resilience. [9:08]
  • How maintaining harmony is better than balance in creating more resilience in your life. [16:06]

Guest: CJ Scarlet

CJ Scarlet is a natural born fighter who channeled the emotional aftermath of trauma associated with childhood sexual assault and rape as a college freshman into a force to be reckoned with, by first taking back her power and then using those experiences to advocate for those who have been victimized or who could be victimized.

Over the past 30 years she has helped thousands of survivors reclaim their powers too. For example, she’s used her authority and influence to run a child advocacy center for abused children and serve as Director of Victims Issues for the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

CJ has helped business leaders drive more employee engagement through employee development efforts when she headed her corporate coaching company. She developed technology solutions to deter acts of violence in yet another business venture she founded called 10 for Humanity, LLC. Most recently she’s also been known as the “Badass Grandma” and the author of the book Badass Parenting: An Irreverent Guide to Raising Safe, Savvy, Confident Kids and it’s twin, PG-rated version entitled Heroic Parenting, which helps parents transform their kids into little bad asses who can protect and defend themselves from dangerous people.

Through a number of twists and turns the unifying thread in her entrepreneurial journey has been resilience, living her truth and fighting for victim rights in multiple ways.

Even though CJ hold an interdisciplinary master’s degree in humanities with an emphasis on human violence, she’s been named one of the “Happy 100” people on the planet, CJ’s story of triumph over adversity is featured in the bestselling books Happy for No Reason and Be Invincible.

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