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Industrial Machine Learning and Building Tools for Data and Model Monitoring with Evidently AI Co-Founders Elena Samuylova and Emeli Dral
Episode 2116th February 2021 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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Elena Samuylova and Emeli Dral are the co-founders of Evidently AI, where they build open source tools to analyze and monitor machine learning models. Elena was previously the head of the startup ecosystem at Yandex, director of business development at their data factory and chief product officer at Mechanica AI. Emeli was previously a data scientist at Yandex, chief data scientist at the data factory and Mechanica AI in addition to teaching machine learning both online and at multiple universities.

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02:15 How Emeli and Elena each got started in data science

07:10 Applying machine learning across a wide variety of industries at the Yandex Data Factory

14:55 Using ML for industrial process improvement

23:35 Challenges encountered in industrial ML and technical solutions

27:15 The huge opportunity for ML in manufacturing

34:35 How to ensure safety when using models in physical systems

37:40 Why they started working on tools for data and ML monitoring

42:50 Different kinds of data drift and how to address them

48:25 Common mistakes ML teams make in monitoring

55:25 Features of Evidently AI's library

57:35 Building open source software

01:02:25 Technical roadmap for Evidently

01:05:50 Monitoring complex data

01:08:50 Business roadmap for Evidently

01:11:35 Rapid fire questions


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