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Get Moving with Physiotherapist Susan Harper-Clarke
Episode 38th September 2020 • ALSO in PINK with Alexandria Lawrence • Alexandria Lawrence
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Episode 3. Have you ever thought of seeing a physio? Susan Harper-Clarke is passionate about getting people active for life, not just for lockdown. This episode is action-packed with fitness (and life) tips to help you get motivated. And… she even surprises herself by giving fashion advice.

Listen to this episode to hear about Susan’s experience with Team GB in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

Susan's Instagram: @thepocketphysio


  • Lifestyle Medicine Doctor The instagram account of cardiologist and best-selling author, Aseem Malhotra. He is on a mission to save lives, a million at a time.

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

  • Move better and understand your body more. Learn how to manage your condition without being totally reliant on your physio.
  • Get fitter. And, for instance, lose that lockdown weight.
  • Get stronger. Be more robust and less likely to sustain injury.

Fitness Tips:

  • Just move! “I would say just move is the best thing that I can advise people.”
  • Find an activity you’re going to enjoy. If you enjoy it, you’re more likely to make it habit. Here are a few ideas: dance class, swimming, yoga, pilates, tai chi, rowing, cycling, walking, running, strength training, circuits…
  • Give it a go for a relatively long period of time (four to six weeks). Sometimes it does take time to build up strength, endurance, tolerance, enjoyment of something.

Couch to 5K:

  • Couch to 5K is a 9-week programme that, yes, gets you off your sofa and (gradually) running 5K. Susan recently completed this and it’s transformed her relationship with running. Endurance activities (like running) have never been Susan’s strong suit, but she now really enjoys it!
  • You can download each week of the Couch to 5K as a podcast or get the entire programme as a smartphone app.

Healthy Mindset:

  • Start each day with a morning hug. Yes, you can hug yourself or do a big family “pile on”. Either way, it sets off your natural endorphins.
  • Approach life with a positive attitude. That doesn’t mean you can’t also put your foot down. Don’t put up with stuff that you’ve maybe accepted in the past.
  • Be kind, to yourself and to others. Don’t take yourself or anyone else for granted.
  • Find your own path for what your ideal life means for you.
  • And… embrace diversity.

Style notes:

Susan’s top tip is jean shorts“You can dress them up. You can dress them down. You can wear them with wedges, with trainers, with heels, with flip flops. Jean shorts are my absolute go-to fashion accessory item.”

And… most importantly… Get off your bum and move!

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