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Why Muscle Matters
Episode 152nd August 2023 • The Nest Podcast with Dr. Maryska Taylor • Dr. Maryska Taylor ND
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Welcome to episode 15!

On this episode of The Nest Podcast, I’m joined by my sister, Elyse, as my guest co-host as we discuss “muscle as medicine” and why muscle matters for not only our metabolic health and releasing extra weight, but also as a potent anti-ager, a powerful tool to balance hormones, beat  fatigue, boost mood and so much more. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Our background and history with strength training
  • How muscle contributes to overall metabolic health, helping maintain or achieve a healthy body weight
  • Muscle as a potent anti-ager and why every woman would want to lift weights
  • How muscle helps boost energy and heal fatigue
  • Resources for strength training and how to get started
  • Cardio vs strength training and why you may want to do less cardio and focus on weights
  • How muscle helps to balance hormones and prevent, and help treat chronic illness. 
  • The mind-body connection with strength training: meditation + confidence + endorphins
  • The importance of protein and how to optimally ‘feed’ muscle
  • Resources we both personally use and love

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