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Episode 36: Barbie Breathitt Says Dreams Are Love Letters from God. Interpret Your Dreams While You Are Asleep and Awake
8th June 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Do you dream? Have you ever wondered what your dreams are telling you? 

Perhaps you experience nightmares or no dreams at all. What could these dreams, or lack thereof, be telling you? Could your dreams actually be guiding you to live out your most fulfilled life? 

What if the key to reaching our life achievements was being told to us nightly through dreams? Wouldn't you want to interpret those dreams immediately to see how to reach your highest success?

In this episode, dream expert Dr. Barbie Breathitt breaks down the importance of interpreting our dreams through Christ. She discusses why our dreams are so important, what they can reveal for you and what God has in store for you through your dreams. 

“If I believe it so, it is so.”

In this episode, you’ll hear...

-Why we should take our dreams more seriously...04:15

-How Barbie got started...06:40

-Barbie’s relationship with God...09:30

  • “Why did God change?”

How can we interpret our own dreams?...12:00

-How not to be afraid of the supernatural...15:00

  • “God told me, ‘I change not. I was the same yesterday, today and forever.’”
  • John 14
  • God’s in an abundant mansion and wants us to move in
  • Keep a child-like faith

-Night time dreams and lifetime goals...20:55

  • First, we must believe, then we will see
  • Lucid dreaming = creative ability
  • “Nothing is impossible”

-How to get believers to believe in their dreams...24:00

  • Prayer: “Lord, release your creative realm to me so I can see”
  • Gratitude
  • “If I believe it so, it is so”

-Nightmares and Night terrors...27:05

Where nightmares come from

  • Isaiah 35
  • Revelation 4

-What to do if you don’t have dreams...30:20

-Ways to enhance dreams…32:55

  • Book: A-Z Dream Symbology

-Who to share our dreams with...36:10

-How dreams can lead us to a breakthrough…37:50

  • Barbie’s breakthrough dream
  • Wendie’s breakthrough dream

-Something most people don’t know about Barbie…43:20

Barbie Breathitt BIO: 

Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt is an ordained minister and experienced revelatory teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God. She is recognized around the world as a leading master dream analyst, published best-selling author, certified life coach and healing minister. 

Barbie has ministered God’s love in the streets, prisons and hospitals and through television, radio and the internet throughout the world. Her deepest desire is to see people fulfill their unique destiny here on earth. 

Barbie is a dedicated businesswoman and entrepreneur who has established prophetic training centers. She currently resides in Texas. 

***Breath of the Spirit offers a variety of courses on healing, revelatory gifts, angels, the Kingdom of God and dream interpretation as well as evangelistic outreaches and discipleship through the commands of Jesus. Many individuals have been miraculously healed during her meetings and conferences, while others have experienced the presence of the Spirit as never before. 

***Her infectious humor promotes unity with those in and outside the church walls. Barbie is available for conferences, teaching, life coaching and hands-on training. 

ASK BARBIE is a one-on-one prophetic-dream life phone consultation and prayer session that is scheduled and prepaid through (place DreamsDecoder link here). 

ASK BARBIE is a powerful resource and personal ministry time that helps clients understand new strategies, develop plans and apply the direction God gives them through prophecy, encounters, dreams and visions. 

Barbie is an active member with Dr. Chuck Pierce's Global Sphere's Network, Cindy Jacob's Generals International Prophetic Counsel, Harvest International Ministries with Dr. Che' Ahn, Apostle John Kelly's International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and Xtreme Prophetic with Patricia King.

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