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Embracing Neurodivergence in Private Practice with Louise Brown
Episode 74th April 2024 • Good Enough Counsellors • Josephine Hughes
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What's it like to be neurodivergent and in private practice? Louise Brown shares fascinating insights from her own journey of embracing her true self and integrating her neurodivergence with her private practice.

In today's episode:

  • How recognising her neurodivergence allowed Louise to reshape her approach as a therapist
  • The impact of late diagnosis on self-perception and client relationships
  • How openly embracing her identity attracts clients with similar experiences
  • The challenges faced during unmasking and integrating newly discovered aspects of herself into professional life
  • The role language plays in shaping our understanding and expression of our identities
  • Dealing with stigma around self-disclosure within therapeutic practices
  • Supporting clients through the grief associated with late realisation or diagnosis

Louise is a queer, multiply neurodivergent Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer working in private practice. Louise has previously worked for many years as a disability practitioner before training as a therapist and coming to know her neurodivergent identity. She now works predominantly with neurodivergent clients and therapists, exploring their own neurodivergent identities and figuring out how to curate a life that works for them.

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