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Trends and Insights Podcast - JLL Global EPISODE 1, 5th March 2021
What do good leaders look like in the new world of work?
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What do good leaders look like in the new world of work?

As workplaces adapt to the rise of remote working and changing employee expectations, the skills needed to successfully manage teams in this new environment are evolving.

JLL’s Sue Asprey-Price, Head of UK Corporate Solutions, joins Rosie Campbell, Professor of Politics and Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London and Gya Adeyemi, EMEA Transaction Manager at Facebook, to discuss the skills and qualities that both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders need to refine and how these could these change workplaces for the better.

In particular:

  • What does strong leadership look like?
  • How are senior colleagues influencing younger employees?
  • How has the pandemic changed working styles and employee expectations?
  • How has new workplace models like hybrid working are changing leadership styles?
  • Is there a danger of labelling skills as male or female?
  • What else needs to happen to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces?
  • How can tomorrow’s C-suite lead successfully?
  • What would our speakers choose to challenge for International Women’s Day 2021?