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How To Build A Thriving Team, Avoid Culture Killers And Stay Balanced All At The Same Time With Taylor Welch: Episode 4
Episode 44th January 2022 • The Marketing Plan Podcast • Sherry Bonelli
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Learn How To Build a Team That Thrives, Keep Your Culture Healthy and Keep Your Sanity!

To grow your business, your company, team and culture need to be aligned – and inspired. Taylor Welch, CEO of Traffic And Funnels, gives us sage advice on how to keep your team motivated as well as how to create a culture at your company that will inspire. You’ll also learn how to prevent YOUR batteries from running low by using Taylor’s “Micro Macro” strategy. (If you’re on the edge of burnout, you have to listen to this strategy!)

And because we always talk marketing, Taylor – who began his marketing career as a copywriter – talks “old school” marketing strategies. We talk about the “gangster” copywriters and what they got right and why some marketing strategies never go out of style.

"What does “good culture” mean? When you walk into a good culture you feel like ‘I can do anything!’ You feel bigger. You feel more excited. You feel more energetic, and you feel like you can do anything, you know? That to me is the definition really of a great culture.”

Taylor’s business and marketing knowledge will WOW you!

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