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86. Dr. Bill Kapp – Future Med: Changing Healthcare from Reactive to Proactive
Episode 8616th April 2024 • Global Wellness Conversations • Global Wellness Summit & NOVA Media
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In this transformative episode of Global Wellness Conversations, we dive deep into a company spearheading innovation and new business models in the booming longevity market, talking to Bill Kapp, MD, CEO of Fountain Life. Started by Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis, MD, Fountain Life’s pioneering clinical model—blending concierge medicine with precision diagnostics—is leveraging cutting-edge technology and data to shift healthcare from reactive to proactive, ensuring you can live your best life, longer.  We’re also joined by this week’s co-host, journalist and Well+Good Co-Founder Alexia Brue, as we explore the science behind early disease detection, the power of AI in personal health, and how Fountain Life is one example of the interconnected longevity “economy” pegged to be worth $610 billion by 2025—a trend featured in Global Wellness Summit’s The Future of Wellness 2024 global trends report. Don't miss this insightful conversation that unpacks the business of wellness, illuminating how medicine and wellness intersect in the rapidly growing longevity market.

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Hosted by Kim Marshall

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