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Self-Care for the Empathic Person with Sarah Granahan
Bonus Episode1st October 2021 • The Holistic Counseling Podcast • Chris McDonald, LCMHCS
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What are some of the skills and abilities of empathic people? How can empaths learn to protect their energy and harness their empathy? Why are nature and water essential to self-care for an empath?


Sarah Granahan is the Founder of Color My Spirit, LLC - an organization she created in 2012 to offer inspiration, motivation & self-healing to people. Sarah is an Energy & Intuitive Coach with training as a Holy Fire® Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT), Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice (HTP-A), Hypnotherapist, Integrative Health Coach, and Healy Practitioner. Her gifting includes being an Intuitive Empath, Shaman, Medium, Animal & Child Messages & Energy Worker, and Wellness Coach.

Sarah treats people with sleep disturbances, anxiety, pain, grief, wound healing, fatigue, or side effects from medication and chemotherapy. She also offers sessions for people who want to explore their shadows and clear old energy to support their general well-being. In 2020, Sarah expanded her practice and opened Color My Spirit Wellness - a place where alternative & holistic practitioners can gather to treat clients on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to encourage alignment and balance.

Visit her website. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to her Youtube channel. Alternatively, give her practice a call at 919-803-8085 or email her at


  • What is an Empath?
  • Some top self-care tips for empaths
  • Intention is important


With an empathic person, or an empath, they take it to a whole other sensory and processing level. It’s a heightened sense of awareness that they have with their surroundings, the people that they’re around, the environments they find themselves in. (Sarah Granahan)

An empath will not only feel the emotions of the people around them, but they may take it on as their own and carry the emotional weight that does not belong to them.

It can become difficult for them to distinguish between what their emotions are and the emotions that they feel that belong to or come from other people.

However, being an empath is a gift, and it is something to be celebrated.

It is a gift. It’s a way to determine and get a heads up on things and something I keep in my tool belt when I’m at work, or in my friend circle, or just a way that I can help myself feel better and maintain my health instead of having these waves of up and down all the time. (Sarah Granahan)

Some signs of having the empathic ability:

  • Feeling deeply connected to being outside and in nature
  • Having the feeling of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Crying easily
  • Being worried and concerned about your loved ones
  • Treating pets like family
  • Being more compassionate and caring for your loved ones than most people around you
  • Getting tired easily from spending time with energetically demanding people
  • Becoming emotional when watching movies and tv shows
  • Mimicking and picking up on other people’s illnesses and physical pains


Emotions are very much so cleansed by water. Empaths may be very attracted to being around lakes and water … its because water is a very big healer and clearer of our emotional field. (Sarah Granahan)
  1. Positive self-talk is essential.
  2. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water.
  3. Taking care to get enough quality sleep and time resting.
  4. Spending time in nature to ground energy and decompress from people.
  5. Setting healthy boundaries, pulling back from people-pleasing, and learning how to say no.
  6. Practice journaling to let go.
  7. Planning for emotional overload. If you have had a busy time, plan some space for yourself at the end to replenish yourself.
  8. Practice distinguishing between your emotions and energy and those of other people.
  9. Work with visualizing techniques. Imagine the person you want to become and the life you want to lead, and take small steps every day towards those goals.


If these ideas are new to you, or you are struggling with implementing them, start simple and focus on intention.

It is your intention to get better, reclaim your energy, and replenish yourself. You intend to learn how to protect your energy, set healthy boundaries, and put yourself first which will teach those around you to do the same.

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