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APTA's CSM Conference Review & Lessons
Episode 23610th March 2023 • The Aaron LeBauer Show • Aaron LeBauer
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I just finished up 3 days at APTA's CSM conference. I know more than a few of you thought it was a joke that I was here when I sent out an email last week about meeting up.

Well I've been teaching our Platinum Mastermind group the importance of doing in-person workshops, events and getting in front of their customers, and guess what? 14,000 of my potential customers are here.

Unfortunately, most of them don't know that cash practice is an option and many of them think it's fringe, no possible or even unethical. There were still sessions where people were talking about marketing to “doctors" and the session on "innovation" was empty.

Here's my rundown of what I learned and how CSM Compares to PT Biz Con especially for physical therapy business owners…

Be sure to join us at PT Biz Con 2023 – the premier event for physical therapists looking to grow their businesses and reach their full potential.

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1:00 introduction

2:30 why I went

5:30 why you should’t go to CSM

17:00 why you should come to PT BizCon

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