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Dealer insights with (probably) the UK's youngest and newest Caravan Sales Executive (and YouTuber), Oliver Cox
Episode 716th August 2022 • My Caravan Industry Insights Podcast • John Rawlings
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Episode #07

This is the Podcast’s first interview with someone working in a retail role in the caravan industry.

This week’s guest is probably the youngest caravan sales executive in the industry. He's still a teenager (19), but has been caravanning all his life, and shares his fresh and first impressions of working in the caravan industry.

He is Oliver Cox, and at the age of 15 he started a YouTube channel (Caravanning With The Cox's) sharing his caravan holidays with his parents and doing product reviews from a younger person's perspective. At 18, he bought his first caravan - a new Bailey Discovery D4-2, which he spends a lot of time in.

He has now turned his passion for caravanning into a career that he's loving.

Topics discussed (topics covered in the podcast)

  1. Caravanning solo at 18
  2. Selling caravans as a teenage
  3. A day in the life of a caravan sales executive
  4. Current market conditions
  5. New people entering the market
  6. Mis-information and bad advice
  7. How the caravan industry could improve


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