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GF01: The Neo-Biological Revolution & the Future of Humanity with Jane Metcalfe
Episode 269th March 2021 • The Boldly Now Show • Now
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This week on the Boldly Now Show, we have a Generative Conversation with Jane Metcalfe, co-founder of WIRED magazine and founder of Neo Life a digital publication that focuses on the Neo-biological revolution. Being at the forefront of the technological revolution for the past three decades, Jane talks in length about the Neo-biological transformation to imagine a better future for human beings as a species. We also discuss where things go wrong with our vision of the future and the need for interdisciplinary understanding of technological advancements and what the future may hold for humanity in general. 

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Key Moments:

●     [02:10] – Jane reflects back on how the era influenced Wired magazine

●     [08:18] – From a computer scientist to a visionary artist in a magazine, Jane talks the transformation

●     [13:00] – Being at the front-row of technological transformation, how Jane witnessed the divergence between the technological utopia imagined in the 90s and today’s technological reality.

●     [20:10] – Is the lack of regulations in technological advancement responsible for everything that went wrong in the past few decades?

●     [33:57] – Are we having more future forward conversations today than we had in the past?

●     [45:58] – The need for interdisciplinary understanding for technological advancements

●     [45:58] – The future for Jane Metcalfe and humanity in general


"We, on balance, tend to look for disaster as humans. It is an evolutionary trait that has served us as well. If we are analyzing for potential threats, then we are better prepared to dodge or defeat them.”

“It’s journalism’s job to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”

“The corrupting influence of money is bound to work its way into any human endeavor”


“technology itself is ingenious, [it’s just that the] regulators don’t understand it”


“What’s happening now is the next stage of digital revolution”


“Not that there’s good to say about coronavirus, but if that’s all it took to wake us up to our potential – as one specifies, one planet – to work together and focus on one thing and find solution, then may be all of this horrible sacrifice would have been worth it”


“I think about what could go right”

“There is a tremendous risk when it comes to moving science forward, but if we never try then we will never know”

“Even evolution evolves”

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