Essential Strategies to Grow Your Business
Episode 17330th August 2022 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#173: Do you feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of strategies, tip and tricks and "quick and easy" ways to grow a business that you can find online? 

Don't worry, you're not alone! In this video, I clarify what the 3 keys are to growing your business, while explaining that not all leads you get are equal and what to do at each stage so that you can help your ideal customer go from cold to hot lead.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 

Learn What You Need to Grow Your Expert Based Business...

  • [01:56] Overview of the 3 Components
  • [02:21] Component 1: Traffic
  • [04:10] Component 2: Leads
  • [07:00] Component 3: Conversion

Important Links & Mentions in this episode:


Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.