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Episode 6: A Terrible Party Ft. Annette Christie (Younger 106)
Episode 65th May 2021 • Older & Wiser • Paginated Media
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Marisa and Kelsey are joined by author and Mean Girls extra, Annette Christie, and they're going to a book launch! At a bar! With champagne and peacocks! Marisa is stressed by the conflation of marketing and publicity and emphasizes that planning a launch event is NOT Liza's job. Kelsey asks a truly ridiculous question: if it's a launch event, where are the books? And Annette declares Marisa and Kelsey 'earnest millennials' and gives the behind-the-scenes scoop (as a celebrity background actor) on why extras in party scenes have no rhythm. She also 'Annabelle Bancrofts' Marisa and Kelsey's books titles!

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