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Are You a Hostage in Your Restaurant?
Episode 2611th August 2021 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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Why Restaurant Owners Must Lead with Accountability

A big issue for restaurant owners is feeling like a hostage in their own business. They’re so afraid of losing their managers, they hold back on adding more to their plates and then don’t question them when things aren’t done right. That leaves the restaurant owner in a lurch – doing all the work and cleaning up after everyone else. While this hostage situation isn’t unusual in the restaurant industry, it is heightened right now with the shortage of staff and the increase in sales. Most owners are already working as many hours as they can in the restaurant and if a manager quits, they have no one to pick up those 40+ hours. So how do you fix this situation? How do you negotiate your way out of the situation? That is exactly what I cover in this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula. I outline the four things you must do to build a team of reliable managers that allow you to focus on the right jobs for an owner AND give you confidence to leave the restaurant for scheduled time off.

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