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STOP Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own!
Episode 10230th August 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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As men, we think there is no reason to be vulnerable or open ourselves up because we SUCK at emotions. We suck at DEALING with them, and we suck at letting other people in. There is something in the male DNA that says if a guy can figure it out on his own, he’s a REAL man. But this week, Mark is showing you why that is NOT the case. 

VULNERABILITY is one of the SEXIEST aspects to women. They want to know that you’re not just some strong leader, but you’re also a man of HEART and somebody who can be VULNERABLE. So WHY are so many men still closing themselves off from their wives and dealing with sh*t ALONE? It’s time to change. In this episode, Mark is calling you INTO manhood and showing you why YOU have what it takes to make a change. Find out why so many men SUCK at relying on other people, and how to STOP seeking validation for transformation and START taking control of your life.

“Just because you ask for help, doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy. Doesn’t mean you’re less of a man. It makes you more of a man.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- THIS is the hardest thing for most men to realize when it comes to their marriage

- Find out the REAL reason your wife wants to walk away from the marriage

- Discover where the idea of not needing anyone else comes from and how this has shown up in Mark’s life

- THIS is what happens when you are in a place of PRIDE and ARROGANCE…

- Mark shares how he developed the habit of working things out on his own.

- THIS is what TRUE leadership looks like…

- Learn how to see where YOU are seeking validation in your life

- Validation does NOT give you transformation. Here’s why…

And much more…


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