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Make It Your Own [E064]
Episode 646th September 2023 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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In 2023 content is still king, but it’s hard to create content that hasn’t already been done by someone else. This keeps a lot of people from creating content. But different people are attracted to different people, and they say the same things in different ways. Maybe you are the person who can get through to someone with your own way of saying something or doing show-and-tell. That’s what this episode of the ARM Podcast is all about. Making it your own!

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Show Notes with Timestamps

  • Content Creation and the Fear of Repetition (00:00:10) Brian discusses the common fear of creating content that has already been covered by someone else and emphasizes that in the age of the internet, it is unlikely to find a topic that hasn't been covered.
  • The Success of Alex Hormozi's Book Launch (00:01:12) Brian mentions the successful book launch event of Alex Hormozi, where he had half a million people join the event on YouTube. The speaker highlights that the content discussed in the event has been previously covered by Russell Brunson.
  • The Importance of Making Content Your Own (00:04:23) Brian encourages content creators to make the content their own by adding personal experiences, details, and stories. They emphasize the significance of geographic relevance in the world of auto repair and building trust with the audience.

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