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Where’s the analogue meat market headed?
Episode 1228th January 2021 • Fodder podcast • New Hope Network
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Danny O’Malley saw the future when he hit the streets years ago to educate and sell an innovative new product—Beyond Meat.

The plant-based burger excited his customers, and they wanted more before the analogue had made it to their menus.

Spotting a growth path, O’Malley left the growing company to birth his own, Before the Butcher. The company offers the butcher counter and more in plant-based form: deli slices, grounds, shreds, chunks and tips and, of course, burgers.

In this episode of the Fodder podcast, we chat about:

The rise of flexitarians and meat reducers.

Who is leading—and buying into—the plant-based meat revolution.

Where the plant-based market could grow.

Why 2020 will mark a pivotal time in the analogue meat movement.

And why the market already is very different for plant-based entrepreneurs today.

“We are still on the tip of the iceberg, where things are going to continue to trickle down in a very, very big way, and will continue to grow this segment of the industry, which is good for all of us,” O’Malley said.

Would he jump in today? Hear what he has to say in this episode of Fodder.

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