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DW174: 3 Ways to Increase Revenue I saw at my Resort in Mexico with Diane Rolston
Episode 17427th September 2022 • Dynamic Women® • With Diane Rolston
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Are you feeling like you want to increase your revenue and decrease your expenses? In this episode, Diane Rolston shares three different ways that I have learned how to do this from my resort in Mexico.

This show’s host, Diane Rolston, is called THE Expert on Being Dynamic and living a Dynamic Life. After leading hundreds of events and programs in her two businesses, speaking on international stages, being a published author while raising two young children, Diane Rolston knows all about work/life balance and getting things done! As an Award-Winning Coach and the CEO and founder of Dynamic Women®, a global community of women, her purpose is to unlock the greatness in others. Diane works with professionals all over the world to provide clarity, confidence, and action.

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Diane believes we are not defined by our titles or our roles. Instead, we are more powerful and happy when we can be who we are.  This brought out her book Dynamic You™, based on a successful program, where she reveals the secret code to confident, wealthy, and successful women and leads women to unleash the Dynamic Woman™ in them!

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Diane Rolston:

Are you feeling like you want to increase your revenue and decrease your expenses? Well, I'm going to share the three different ways that I have learned how to do this from my resort in Mexico.


You're listening to the Dynamic Women podcast. Each week, you'll be inspired by our global community of women. They'll share with you tools and stories to help you be dynamic in every area of life. Here's your host, award-winning coach and the CEO and founder of dynamic women, Diane Rolston.

Diane Rolston:

Hello lovely dynamic women. Welcome to the Dynamic Women podcast. I'm Diane Rolston, your host, and today I'm going to talk about the three ways I've learned how to increase your revenue from my resort in Mexico.

Diane Rolston:

So I'm going to share today three different ways to increase your revenue that I saw at my resort in Mexico, the resort being the Vidanta. And I'm going to go through these three different ways. And you're going to be thinking about your own business and your own business model. And how these can really help to increase your revenue, lower your expenses, which is important and bring in more clients, because I'm guessing that's what you're wanting are more customers.

Diane Rolston:

So the first thing that you can do is share resources between the different customers. So let me give you some examples here. So here at the resort, there are actually five different hotels, I think it's five, there may be more, there are five different hotels. Now these hotels share different services, different events, different locations on resort and different staff. Right. So if you think of it, there is entertainment certain nights, people from all five resorts for all five hotels can come and enjoy, watch, partake. So they pay for one event, one band, one set of musicians, whatever it may be one form of entertainment. But all of the customers and clients can come, so where are your business? Could you have multiple people share the same service, the same event at different platforms? Also thinking about different spaces around the resort, different pools, different lounges, restaurant and the staff are all shared. So we're in your business, could you maybe have different resources, different assets that you have working for you for different customers, different clients. I've seen this work so well here because no matter what the staff are busy from someone from some location, right, so rather than the shuttles just kind of sitting there waiting for one hotel, the shuttles are going all around for all the different hotels, such a great savings.

Diane Rolston:

The second thing that you can do is create desire for a higher end product. Hmm. So how do they do that? Well, there are five hotels, each one has a different kind of level of experience, different decorations, different level of luxury, some have different like pools just right outside your door. Some are full suites. And how do they create this exclusivity? Well, people kind of know which hotels are better than others. They also have bracelets, so everyone wears these bracelets. And so it shows which people can go to which places, the higher level hotels, they can go to any of the pools, any of the places do all of the activities. But if you were at a lower end hotel, which is still absolutely amazing here, you only get specific ones, right? So imagine this in your business, you're creating desire for the higher end product, because some of your clients are seeing what other clients get, what perks, bonuses offerings are given to your higher end customers or clients. And so if they buy a certain package, they get these additional experiences. And the thing is that on the app that they have, I'm looking through the events and I think, oh, I can attend this one, I can attend this one. Oh, but I can't attend that one because that's at the like, super exclusive place. It makes you covet that yearn for that want that. It makes you walk past certain places and go, I wish I could go in there. And so that maybe makes your customer think I'm going to I'm going to move up to that. I'm going to one day buy into that when I can afford that or I'm going to prioritize that because I want that experience. Maybe it's I want that VIP experience, or I want those opportunities that way so that.

Diane Rolston:

The third thing that I'm seeing is there's opportunities during the experience during my time here to upgrade, right? So not only to upgrade to maybe a higher level hotel, more luxury, bigger, but also opportunities to expand the package. Right? So do you want to add on this piece? Do you want to add on this piece? Do you want to add on this piece? And I know you might be like, Oh, God, I don't want to go to those sales things. But think of this in your business? How can you have your clients move up in their package in the offerings? Or how can you have them expand to do add-ons, right? Additional events, additional products, additional offerings, additional services, more time from you, whateverit may be? How can you expand your client base up and outside? They already love you, right? So the people walking around the resort here, they already love the resort, and when they're in the experience, so I guess, here's a bonus tip, when they're in the experience of loving what it is that they're experiencing with you, that's when you invite them to upgrade, that's when they might add on. Because they're in the moment, and they see the benefit. So if you ask them, how are you enjoying this event? How are you enjoying the coaching? And how are you enjoying this product? And they give you like, Oh, that's great, then that's the time to see if they would like more or to expand their package.

Diane Rolston:

I'm going to go through the three again. But I'm going to ask you right now, which of the three do you know that you could bring into your business? Okay, you want to implement whatever it is I'm saying so that you can be thinking about how can I increase my profit and decrease my expenses. So listen to these in the very condensed version. So the first thing is share resources amongst the different clients you have the different programs you have. So maybe that could be they all use the same platform, they all get to come to the same event, certain event, right, they all get to access this program that I've made it just at different levels. The second piece is create desire for a higher end product by having clients at all levels. See the offerings at all levels, by being part of different opportunities, where they get to see kind of what's exclusive, and they get to see what's VIP. And having something like a band to kind of show the difference between them. And then the third one have opportunities to upgrade. So if you're if you have someone that is in one place in your kind of client or customer journey, or product and services space, see if they're gonna upgrade or expand, add-on to what you already offer. Not because we're looking for how can we like get the most money out of our clients, but we're looking to offer them the best experience, the best results, right? Wouldn't we want to have paradise at its most luxurious with all the amenities we could possibly imagine? Pretty much.

Diane Rolston:

So wishing you a wonderful time. If there are other ways that I can serve you other questions you have that you'd love to see me cover next week I'm in Hawaii, if there's something you want me to cover, if I don't already have inspiration from Hawaii, like I did today, then I'm happy to cover it. Thank you so much for listening to the Dynamic Women podcast. If you'd like to leave a review, please do so then email my team at with your mailing address and a screenshot of your review so that we can send you a little something special in the mail. And if you haven't yet, hit subscribe, share this with a friend and until next time. Stay dynamic!